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Mistakes To Avoid In Email Marketing Campaigns

Few users consider email marketing as less competent. Few who already used email marketing also have similar concepts. The main reason for this is running into some common mistakes that can degrade the quality of email campaigns you run.

Here are some mistakes you should always try to avoid while sending out emails to your customers:

  • Quantity over quality: The biggest mistake most email marketing campaigners do is to consider a vast email list. The problem with this is sending email to a user base who might not be interested in it. An effective campaign should have a quality mailing list to ensure personalization in the emails sends.
  • Lack of responsiveness: Keeping the email templates responsive is of great importance. The majority of the users you are dealing with are using a mobile device to access their email accounts. So making sure your emails work perfectly on all screen sizes is essential.
  • Violation of terms and conditions: There are specific terms and conditions every email client has. You should be extremely careful not to violate any of these conditions. Failing to do this can send your emails directly spam which can even damage your reputation

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