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Custom Rigid Boxes: Factors to Consider When Shipping

Do you need custom rigid boxes for your shipping purposes? If so, there are a few factors that you should consider before making a decision. Here are a few things to think about when choosing custom rigid boxes.

Determining Factors

1) Material – What kind of material is the box made out of? Is it durable and strong enough for what you will be using it for?

2) Size – What size do you need your box to be to accommodate all of the items you ship? How much space does each item take up on average? Will they fit in a smaller or larger size than what is offered by default with most companies?

3) Shape – Do you want square, rectangular, or round boxes? What will work best for the items that you ship most frequently?

4) Printing – How will you want the outside of your box to look?

What is on it, if anything at all? Are there specific logos or designs that you would like to have printed onto your shipping boxes’ sides and top/bottom faces?

Your logo may need to appear larger than life, depending on how big each side is. Not only should they fit with what you are trying to convey about your business, but they also show off the quality and sturdiness of these boxes, which can hold a lot!

You can choose from various colors for printing purposes as well. Printing takes place before construction begins, so this part does not affect material durability way. It’s just a bonus to have your branding on each side!

These factors determine the number of boxes you will need, their strength, and durability. To make sure the contents of the custom rigid boxes are safe, you need to be able to ensure that you have chosen the correct box.


You should look for a committed company and will always provide quality service no matter what order size or how big your business grows in time. A custom rigid boxes supplier with years of experience can help you get started, advise on shipping materials, storage options, packing material supplies, and logistics services when needed.

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